New year means new gear for off-road adventurers

As 2022 draws to a close and many of us are taking some well-earned leave before the hustle and bustle of working life picks back up again, there’s never been a better time to go through your old gear and take stock of what could do with a serious upgrade as we enter 2023.

And in a year where we’ve seen both the long-awaited LandCruiser 300 Series, along with the Next-Gen Ford Ranger both hitting our shores, plus new and reimagined TJM products and market-leading 4x4 accessories, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice this year!

So, to make things a little bit easier, we decided to list our most popular accessories and camping products for the year, so you can kickstart 2023 in the best possible way.

You can thank us later!


TJM Fire Pit

A new addition to the TJM camping range, the TJM Fire Pit is designed for maximum convenience thanks to the 5 Corten Steel plates that easily assemble/dissemble in seconds. Our customers have loved the ability to literally park the 4WD, unload the TJM Fire Pit and in seconds have a roaring fire that breathes life into any campsite. It also features a raised design that heavily reduces the chances of grass burn, a grill plate to barbecue meats and neatly packs away in a ripstop canvas bag for easy transportation. Just like it is for our customers, the TJM Fire Pit is sure to be a hit for any camping enthusiast this Christmas.


TJM Double Swag

Another new addition to our camping range, the TJM Double Swag has been the answer many of our customers have been looking for. A structurally sound, spacious double swag, with comfort, convenience and durability in spades. If your loved one or mate needs a new shelter this Christmas, look no further than the highly popular TJM Double Swag. Featuring a 400gsm Ripstop canvas construction that's more than equipped to withstand the harsh Australian climate, a reinforced 500gsm PVC bucket floor, a built-in awning and entrance mat, mesh windows and doors with integrated storm protection, internal pockets, a ridge pole for structural peace of mind and a storage bag to make transportation a breeze.


TJM Kinetic Rope Kit (8.5T & 13T)

Having launched nationwide earlier this year, it didn’t take long for the TJM Kinetic Rope Kit to become an essential piece of recovery gear for our customers. And this is largely due to the reliability and performance the kinetic rope offers during recovery situations in soft terrain environments – environments where a snatch strap typically isn’t viable. Offering 50% more stretch than a standard snatch strap thanks to its 100% nylon construction, this kinetic rope kit is available with an 8.5T or 13T breaking strength, and comes with 21T rated shackles, strap keepers, a recovery blanket and gloves all stored in a large gear bag. This is the ultimate gift for any beach camper or coastline cruiser.


TJM Travel Bottle

Another new addition to our merch range is the TJM Travel Bottle. Customers have loved the exceptional insulation this travel bottle offers, and it’s incredible ability to keep drinks warm for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 12 is a highlight they can’t stop talking about. It’s even equipped with a clever one-touch temperature display so you can see its internal temperature without having to take off the lid! .


TJM Seeker Series Driving Lights (Gen 2)

The number one 4x4 accessory for the year is the TJM Seeker Series Driving Lights (Gen 2), and our customers have said these market-leading driving lights have been a gamechanger for their 4x4 journeys!

As indicative by the name, this is in fact our second iteration of these seriously impressive driving lights.

So, what makes these driving lights so special and highly revered by our customers? Well, beneath the array of high output LEDs, we well and truly pushed the boundaries when it came to innovation for these driving lights.

We pioneered a new reflector optic that provides a more efficient beam pattern, without sacrificing beam width or requiring more power. The result is a 4% increase in beam distance for the 7” model (180mm) and a massive 14% increase for the 9” (230mm) driving light.

Whilst still retaining the strong spot beam configuration, this two-lamp arrangement now produces 1 Lux at an incredible distance of 761 m (for the 7” model) and 892 m (for the 9” range).

If your rig is struggling to light the way at night or in dimly lit conditions, do yourself a favour and say out with the old and in with the TJM Seeker Series Driving Lights (Gen 2) for 2023.

Before purchasing any driving lights, we also recommend looking up your state’s individual rules and regulations around installing driving lights, as laws can differ between states and territories, and can change from time to time. 


TJM Ratchet Strap Set

A fan favourite for some time now, the TJM Ratchet Straps are great for securing large, heavy or bulky cargo and can put up with a lot of strain! Sold in a set of two, each ratchet strap has a high lashing capacity of 400kg and a welcome 5m of length ensuring fridges, kayaks, jet skis and other bulky cargo you’re transporting remain firmly in place. It also features ergonomic rubber moulded handles and release levers, and 2 soft loops straps for situations when S hooks aren’t practical. If your straps are frayed and barely hanging on, or your gear is constantly sliding around the back, do yourself a favour this year and sort it out.



TJM Clear Top Storage Bags

We recently asked around the office what the most annoying thing about Outback camping was, and, hardly to anyone’s surprise, it was trying to find the gear you need quickly. And with the TJM Clear Top Storage Bags rounding out this list, it seems our customers feel the same way!

Available in a range of sizes from 12.8L capacity bags to larger square 43L capacity bags, these clear top storage bags make light work out of organising and identifying all of your essential 4x4 gear. They’re also built tough to withstand the harsh Australian Outback thanks to an ultra-tough 320gsm ripstop canvas and reinforced bottom, but the key here is being able to see exactly what’s in each bag without opening it via the clear PVC lids.