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Camping Food Hacks You’ll Be Excited To Try

Camping Food Hacks You’ll Be Excited To Try

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Have you ever been camping and forgotten any cooking equipment? Tired of the same old camping meals? After one of my friends decided to travel around Australia and create a YouTube channel filming his adventures, I was amazed to discover just how many camping food hacks I never knew about. I’ve been 4WD camping for many years now and while my camping gear and equipment has evolved, sadly my cooking has remained relatively static.
While I’ve never been much of a cook myself, I love eating a delicious meal packed with flavour and spices. There’s no doubt that it can difficult to bring everything you need to make your campfire meals as flavourful as home, but the reality is, you just don’t have to! After plenty of research and experimentation, I’m proud to say I have a decent list of camping food hacks you’ll be excited to try on your next camping trip.
Omelette in a bag
A breakfast of champions, the famous omelette in a bag is perfect for the whole family. Simply boil some water in a billy and while you’re waiting, crack a couple of eggs into a ziplock bag and add ham, tomato, and cheese. Shake it up and place the closed ziplock bag into the boiling water and poach until the eggs set. I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how good it tastes!

Image courtesy of aplus
Eggs in a bottle
Has anyone ever transported eggs to a campsite without them breaking? If you have, I take my hat off to you because it’s a delicate art! To save your precious eggs from breaking and spilling all over your gear, simply break your eggs at home, scramble them up and put them in a plastic water bottle.  When you get to the campsite, you’ll have scrambled eggs ready to go! No more broken eggs in your 4WD.
Orange peel candles
This one is perfect to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. All you need to do is cut an orange/lemon/grapefruit in half, eat the flesh but leave the centre core-like stem intact. Pour some olive oil or vegetable oil into the empty skin until it sits just below the top of the stem. Simply light the stem with some matches and you’ll have a long-burning candle that smells amazing!

Image courtesy of Instructables
Coffee in a bag
We all know how difficult it can be without a morning coffee and lugging a coffee maker to your campsite is a little over the top. Here’s the perfect solution. Fill a coffee filter with a scoop of ground coffee and tie it at the end with some dental floss. Now you have coffee in a tea-bag! Just add it to a cup of hot water and you can start your day feeling fresh.

Store your spices in pill containers
There’s no doubt that a good collection of spices is the key to any kind of cooking, but unloading a stacked spice rack from your 4WD can look a bit extravagant! Instead, head to your local pharmacy and buy some weekly pill containers. You can take a large mixture of spices in perfect quantities, allowing you to effortlessly convert your beef mince into chilli con carne in a second.

Image courtesy of Pinterest
Tin foil hot dogs
Tin foil hot dogs are a handy treat that you can whip up in under ten minutes. All you need to do is throw a hot dog into some tin foil, add plenty of cheese, wrap it in bacon and cook them in the wrapped foil right on the campfire. Your kids will ecstatic they finally get the chance to cook hotdogs themselves, but just make sure they rotate the wrapped foil so the dogs are cooked all the way through.

Image courtesy of Food Network
These are some great new camping food hacks you’ll surely be excited to try on your next camping trip! Like good quality food, camping trips are always more comfortable when you have good quality camping gear. If you’re in need of any new camping gear or equipment, get in touch with the specialists at TJM Australia. Phone 07 3865 9999 or visit our website to browse the entire range.