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How To Prepare for a Memorable Family Camping Trip

How To Prepare for a Memorable Family Camping Trip

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

There’s something soul-nourishing about sleeping under the stars and getting some fresh air, especially with loved ones. Despite this, we’ve all heard plenty of horror stories about camping trips ‘gone wrong’, and this may have turned you off camping altogether. But the fact remains that a decent amount of preparation and knowledge will substantially reduce the chances of your family camping trip turning into a nightmare. Family camping trips are meant to be fun and memorable; a time when the whole family can replenish their energy reserves together.
Whether you’re camping for a long weekend or an entire week, there are certain things that you must understand and be prepared for to ensure you have the most enjoyable trip with your family. Being stuck in the bush isn’t the ideal scenario for a holiday, so it’s crucial that you arrive at your campsite hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. To give you some insight into the sort of preparation and knowledge you need for a memorable trip, we’ve compiled a list of essential camping tips before you even leave home.
Purchase good quality camping gear
I know it can be tempting to save a few dollars by buying cheap camping gear, but the reality is that cheap equipment is likely to break easily and doesn’t provide comfort and protection. A happy camper is a comfortable one, so ensure you always buy good quality camping gear that will not only last longer, but will make your trip more enjoyable.
Test your camping gear
Testing your camping gear before you leave will not only ensure that it’s in good working condition, but you’ll also know how to set everything up and pack it away. For example, setting up your tent at home is a fantastic way to ensure you’re not missing any essential poles and pegs which can certainly ruin a trip if you only realise when you arrive at the campsite!
Research the campsite
It’s important that you have an indication of what the campsite offers before you leave. Are there flushing toilets and showers? Barbeques? Shade? Understanding what is available to you at the campsite will greatly assist you in knowing what to bring and what to leave at home. You’ll also want to know if there’s any poisonous plant or insects at the park so you can pack your first aid kit accordingly. Always bring plenty of mosquito repellent!
Check the weather forecast
You always want to arrive at your campsite hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. Are there any fire bans in place? Will it get cold at night? Packing the appropriate clothing including rain jackets and thermals will ensure that no matter the weather, you’ll stay comfortable and enjoy your getaway.
Bring rope and duct tape
You’ll be surprised at just how much rope and duct tape will assist you when camping. Rope can be used as a washing line or to support your tent, while duct tape can be used for just about anything - from fixing broken tent poles to repairing a rip in your tent fabric. Always bring ample rope and duct tape.
Bring plenty of lighting
One essential item that is a must for all enjoyable camping trips is appropriate lighting. It’s very difficult to cook in the dark or to find the toilet, so ensure you bring head-lamps and torches. Accidents happen when you can’t see what you’re doing, and your kids will feel much safer at night. Simply hanging a torch from the tent ceiling will illuminate the entire tent, and don’t forget to bring plenty of spare batteries!
Don’t forget the small stuff
There’s plenty of small items that are needed to ensure you and your family have a memorable camping trip. Matches in a waterproof container, a hammer for tent pegs, a brush, shovel, and corkscrew (and wine!) are all small things which can easily be overlooked. It’s best to create a checklist yourself, or you can read our article on what to bring for a 4x4 trip which provides a basic checklist for you.
Prepare for the worst
While we all want to have the best camping experience possible, it’s vital that you also prepare for the worst in case something does go wrong. Tell friends or family where you’re camping and for how long and make sure you bring cash and a phone with you in the event that you need to contact someone for help.
On the other hand, if you need to purchase any good quality camping gear or equipment, TJM Australia have you covered. Simply visit our dedicated camping webpage or pop in to your local TJM store for some friendly advice.

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