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The Best Outdoor Activities To Do On The Weekend With The Family

The Best Outdoor Activities To Do On The Weekend With The Family

Friday, June 8, 2018

Growing up in the 80’s, I needed a lot of imagination to have fun. While some of the earlier gaming consoles were being introduced, my parents just couldn’t afford them and the internet was still another 10 years away. This meant that weekends were spent outside playing sports, going to the beach, and doing plenty of exploring.
The world we live in today is starkly different after the technology boom, with just about everyone plugged in to a digital device at one point during their day. While the convenience and information we gain from the digital era is magnificent, we also need to remember that the world is a beautiful place and there’s plenty of fun and adventure beyond the lens of our computer screens.
In fact, spending time outdoors on the weekend is highly recommended for children considering they spend so much time during the week connected to a device. The benefits that we gain from breathing in fresh air and getting some sunshine are unparalleled, so to give you some ideas on outdoor activities you can enjoy with the family on weekends, here are my top 5.
Australia is full of amazing campsites, and most of them are only a couple of hours from the city. Going on a family camping trip is a fantastic way to let your hair down and get some fresh air. While you’ll need some camping gear and equipment, all the fun and enjoyment you’ll have is free and it’s a wonderful way to make long-lasting family memories.
Fishing is one of my favourite hobbies and I still can’t wait until the week finishes so I can get back on the water.  Fishing is a relatively cheap hobby too - you don’t need a boat to catch fish! Simply drive to a river and have a picnic where the kids can try to catch some lunch or fish off the beach and take your catch home for dinner.
Australia has some of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the world, so taking the family to the beach is the perfect summer’s day trip. Pack up some lunch, have a BBQ or enjoy the local fish and chip shop where you can build your own burger! You’ve got plenty of activities at the beach too: go for a swim, work on your tan, throw a ball around in the water, or hit the local breaks for some surfing.
If you’re into some serious adventure, take your friends and family to your favourite 4WD park for some off-roading. The kids will love the thrill of water crossings and steep inclines, and you’ll get to try out your new 4WD accessories. Go for a day or spend a long weekend at a nearby campsite and make the most of what Australia has to offer.
Why not take the family on a road trip for the weekend and explore some sights along the way? Roaming through uncharted territories has always been a passion of mine, but if you prefer to stay clean, book some accommodation in few hotels and see how many of ‘Australia’s Big Things’ you can pass along the way. Your kids will love the adventure and probably the trucker stop meals too!
Spending the weekend outdoors with your family is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. All you need is a little imagination, an adventurous mindset, and a great attitude to make the most of your weekends and enjoy the Australian outdoors. For all your 4WD products and accessories and camping gear, TJM Australia have you covered. Phone our friendly staff today on 07 3865 9999, or visit our store locator to find the TJM store closest to you.