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4x4 Driving Tracks Series - Rover Trail Coffs Harbour

4x4 Driving Tracks Series - Rover Trail Coffs Harbour

Friday, March 9, 2018
4x4 Driving Tracks Series - Rover Trail Coffs Harbour

If you’ve always wanted to experience some of the best 4x4 driving in Australia, then Coffs Harbour is definitely the place for you. Coffs Harbour is a very unique place on the east coast of Australia, located roughly halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. Coffs Harbour is a gorgeous town where the mountains meet the sea, and naturally has plenty of 4x4 tracks that will leave you speechless. Ebor Volcano erupted here about 80 million years ago, creating a beautiful mountain range that is closer to the sea than anywhere on the east coast. This eruption also created pristine rainforest pockets, an abundance of banana plantations, rare flora and fauna, along with some of the oldest and hardest timber in New South Wales.
The greater Coffs Coast region also hosts an abundance of national parks and reserves, with 11 national parks, 14 nature reserves, several Aboriginal sites, 37 state forests, 90 km of beaches, and 84,000 hectares of World Heritage Area. In fact, the area is so pristine that in 1970, Queen Elizabeth II visited Sealy Lookout to enjoy its beauty, where the Forest Sky Pier now stands on the Rover Trail. Due to its sheer beauty and tantalising views, today we’re going to provide an overview of the Rover Trail at Mount Coramba, one of the many 4x4 tracks located in the mountains behind Coffs Harbour.
How to get there
After traveling north from Coffs Harbour through the stunning ocean and mountain views, turn left after 7 kms onto Gaudrons Road. Continue on Gaudrons Road for 2 kms where you’ll see some amazing views of the Solitary Islands, and the Rover Trail will appear on the left.
Conditions and difficulty
Being a temperate climate all year round, Rover Trail is generally in good condition and is well maintained and graded. Despite this, Rover Trail is certainly not for beginners, as the track contains several steep sections which are rutted and clay based and can become very slippery after rain. Extra precaution should be taken even a couple of days after rain as the track may still be moist. In general, Rover Trail is great local track for intermediate to experienced 4x4 drivers, however it’s strongly recommended to carry at least some basic recovery items, including a UHF radio.
Overview of Rover Trail
Rover Trail begins with a low range climb for around 1.5 km until you reach the top of the spur. After this, turn left through some thrilling downhill drops where you’ll see plenty of banana plantations and tree cutting notches left by the early log cutters. After a few kilometres, you’ll reach some beautiful low range hills, perfect for photo opportunities overlooking Coffs Harbour.
Once you reach the edge of the ridge, you’ll descend down a tar road where you can either turn left to head back to Coffs or go straight to continue along the track. After going straight, you’ll be find yourself driving between banana plantations and the Ulidarra National Park until you reach an amazing lookout and picnic stop at Bruxner Park. Several walking tracks are available here where you can find some great local wildlife, including koalas, goannas, lyrebirds, and scrub turkeys, along with an abundance of protected flora and fauna in the 400-hectare reserve.
After you’ve done a bit of exploring, head back to the tar road and turn right through untouched rainforest with tree ferns and palms aplenty. You’ll find a huge flooded gum tree on the right named after the Honourable R.S. Vincent for his contribution in creation of the reserve. Further along the road you’ll cross a couple of timber bridges through valleys where gold was first discovered in the Coffs area. After 3.5 kms past the Vincent tree, turn left onto the Mt Coramba road which is well-serviced and used by trucks, residents, and bike riders alike (so please take caution). This road will take you about 5 km uphill where you’ll find breathtaking 3600 panoramic views of the Coffs coast and hinterland.
After taking in the amazing view, head back down the mountain for around 500 m and turn right onto the Morbid Trail. The track can get slippery from here so it’s advisable to select a low range. You’ll pass through more lantana and bushland until you’ll reach a rock base which can make the rest of the track quite bumpy. Veer right after 1.5 km to continue along the Morbid track, where photo opportunities are again aplenty. The track will drop and flatten a couple more times until it completely flattens out and you’ll hit farmland and see plenty of Kiwi fruits. At the end of the road, you can turn right to Mt Coramba for some lunch or turn left to go back to Coffs. Overall, Rover Trail takes about 2.5 hours not including any stops or lunch.
Rover Trail is only 25 km long so it’s perfect for a day trip with experienced 4x4 drivers. The entire trail is filled with stunning landscapes and views along with plenty of historical landmarks. Be warned though, parts of the track are very difficult and also shared with motorbike riders, so proper care must be taken. There’s also plenty of camping available at Nymboida which is 60 kms west of Coffs Harbour and has some awesome riverfront camping spots.
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