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4x4 Driving Tracks Series - Mundaring Powerline Track

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4x4 Driving Tracks Series - Mundaring Powerline Track

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
4x4 Driving Tracks Series - Mundaring Powerline Track

If you’re travelling through Perth and want to try out a tough 4WD track, then Mundaring Powerline Track is for you! Located roughly 45 minutes east of Perth, the Mundaring Powerline Track was originally a service track for Western Power’s power lines, and like many other service tracks around the country, has been transformed into one of the most exciting 4WD tracks Australia has to offer. Famous for its adventurous and challenging tracks, the Mundaring Powerline Track has lots of gravel, rocks, sand, hills, and plenty of mud and water, especially in the winter months. For experienced drivers with custom built vehicles, this track will give you plenty of adrenaline and will truly test vehicle and your nerves!
How to get there?
While there are plenty of entrances to the track, most people will start at the beginning just south east of Mundaring. If you’re starting in Perth, take the Great Eastern Highway for around 35 km until you reach a set of traffic lights with Hungry Jacks on the left and KFC on the right. Turn right onto Hodgson Street and keep going until you hit Mundaring Weir Road. Turn right here and the track starts on the left-hand side just after McCallum Road. If you need fuel, don’t worry, there’s a fuel station at Sawyer’s Valley which is roughly 5 km from the start of the track.
How long does it take?
The Mundaring Powerline Track is roughly 24 km in length, and you should allow at least 4-5 hours to complete the track, including taking a few breaks and watching your mates attempt some of the more difficult sections. If you’re running low on time, you don’t have to complete the whole track as there are several roads that cut through the track which allows you to make an early exit.
How difficult is the track?
The difficulty level of this track is really dependent on the vehicle you are driving, how much experience you have, and the time of year. Novices should steer clear of this track in the winter time as some water crossings can come up over the bonnet and you really don’t have a choice if you want to complete the track. Summer time is far easier though. While it does get a little dusty, the ground is much more solid to grip.
While there’s plenty of difficult tracks to test your skills, there’s also numerous chicken tracks which will take you around most of the challenging parts. That’s why all 4WD enthusiasts, both novice and expert, can indulge in everything that Mundaring Powerline Track has to offer. Many tour operators use the track to train folks who want to learn off-roading, and the track is extremely popular so it isn’t uncommon to see a hundred cars there on a long weekend.
Be Cautious
While there may be other people using the track at the same time, it’s advisable to travel with at least one other vehicle as recovery may well be needed, particularly if you’re tackling the more challenging sections of the track. Even some of the ‘easy-looking’ chicken tracks can get you in a bit of a pickle, and you may need to be winched or snatched forward or backwards. Panel damage is relatively common, and a rear bar is an excellent idea for this type of track. If you have diff locks, this is an ideal track to use them as the track is much more fun and you’ll really notice the difference in traction.
Furthermore, if you’re travelling in the winter time, then water crossings can be very dangerous. Don’t drive blindly through water without first walking through it, or at least watching another vehicle go through it. It’s very common for people to drive through water only to be submerged, causing a flooded engine and extensive interior damage. Rain can cause the tracks to get chopped up pretty badly and can make an average climb extremely difficult.
Have fun!
There’s a reason why the Mundaring Powerline Track is famous - and that’s because it’s a hell of a lot of fun! The track is changing every year with the weather so even if you’re tried it before, next year will be totally different. While it can certainly be challenging, the Mundaring Powerline Track is a perfect day trip for family and friends.
If you need any 4WD products and accessories to help you get through this track, get in contact with TJM Australia for all your 4WD equipment needs. Alternatively, use our convenient store locator to find out which store is closest to you.

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