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4WD Driving Track Series – Levuka 4WD Park

4WD Driving Track Series – Levuka 4WD Park

Friday, December 7, 2018

4WD Driving Track Series – Levuka 4WD Park

Situated on the south-western edge of the Scenic Rim is Australia’s best kept secret at the World Heritage Levuka property. With spectacular views over valleys and mountain ranges, Levuka Park is surrounded by lush rainforest and farming land on an ancient volcanic formation. The Levuka property has extensive camping along with a series of 4WD tracks, a lake for fishing and canoeing, and bush walking tracks with an abundance of wildlife. The campgrounds can be accessed by 2WD and 4WD vehicles and is the perfect weekend camping spot for the family.

How to get there?
Located in the town of Urbenville, NSW, Levuka 4WD Park is only a 2.5 hour drive from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Toowoomba. It’s understood that GPS systems have a hard time finding the property, so it’s recommended to use the map on the homepage of the Levuka Park website.

Levuka Park has a low density camping policy which means that all guests can enjoy plenty of space and retain privacy even on the busiest of weekends. There are two main camping grounds both which feature hot showers and flushing toilets. There are stone fireplaces scattered throughout the campgrounds, along with BBQ’s, a bush weather shed, rainwater tanks, heaps of shade trees and mown lawns.

There are also two private camping areas designed for larger groups. ‘The Cedars’ can accommodate up to seven tents and is located right next to Oaky Creek surrounded by cedar trees, while the secluded ‘Sally Wattle’ campsite is located with a tree filled gully on three sides.Dogs are permitted on the property but since it’s a working cattle property, it’s best to have tick protection before and after your stay. Firewood can also be purchased for $10 for 35kg.

4WD tracks
Levuka 4WD Park offers an abundance of rated 4WD tracks which range from easy to extreme. You’ll be given a detailed map of all the 4WD tracks when you enter the park and you can choose between rainforest tracks, mud holes, rocky tracks, or hill climbs. A central location within the park is ‘The Playground’ which features several different tracks with plenty of room to park and observe or drive around in the mud yourself with everyone cheering on! While each of the 4WD tracks are rated, these ratings change substantially once there’s a bit of rain and the tracks will close if any track damage occurs.

Avid 4WD enthusiasts can try the Rock ‘n’ Roll Gully which is an exciting track with sharp turns and a monster hill climb. In addition, Havoc’s Crossing (awesome name!) is a very difficult track that features a steep descent followed by a tight left-hand turn and then an equally steep hill climb (with no space for a run-up). It’s best to bring a winch and a locker if you want to attempt these runs!

Other activities
There’s plenty of other activities at Levuka Park which the whole family will enjoy. Some of the most popular activities include bushwalking through the rainforest, canoeing on Lake Levuka, fishing in the farm dam, mountain biking, and photography. There are over 270 bird species identified along Beaury Creek valley, many of which are considered to be rare or endangered.

Considering that over one-third of the property lies on World Heritage and National Park areas, there’s plenty of flora and fauna to be seen around the waterfalls in the ‘Old Growth’ rainforest. At night, you can spot quolls, phascogale, gilder possums, sugar glides, koalas, and heaps of bandicoots, and during the day, don’t be surprised to see an abundance of spiny echidna, wallabies, and eastern grey kangaroo. There are some significant ancient trees, some of which are 1,500 years-old,just walking distance from the campsite.

The family rate for a vehicle with 2 adults and 2 children under 17 is $30 for the night, so a weekend trip will cost you $60. The park is open every day of the year, so mid-week guests are more than welcome. Reservations are essential as the park can get inundated with guests especially over long weekends. Live music entertainment and fireworks are the norm over Easter, so get your bookings in early!

Levuka 4WD Park is essentially a massive outdoor playground suited toboth young and old! With a series of 4WD tracks to suit any experience level and heaps of activities for the kids, Levuka Park is ideal for a long weekend getaway with the family.

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