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Steel Bull Bars

Steel Bull Bars


TJM steel bull bars fulfil many purposes whilst you're out on the tracks, however at the top of our priorities is safety. With a variety of styles designed to fit most vehicles, TJM steel bars will minimise damage during animal collisions and therefore protect both you and your passengers. If your passionate about offroad four wheel driving, you can't go past a TJM steel bull bar.

  • Features
    as Standard

    Equipped with mounting points for winches, driving lights, communication aerials and rated recovery points it'll do a whole lot more than provide unparalleled vehicle protection. Individually designed to complement the shape of the vehicle, your investment in a TJM steel bar will not only look great, it'll add value to your 4WD.

  • Laser

    When beginning the design of a new steel bull bar, our engineers extensively examine the vehicle's structural compenents & frontal air bag system to ensure the new bar offers the greatest protection for  yourself, your vehicle and your environment. TJM designs are tested by independent authorities to qualify under the stringent Australian Safety Standards and SRS air bag compatibility.





Did you know?

TJM virtually test products using 3D graphics & mathematical equations, to help determine peak-loads & identify critical points of strength & weakness.



  • TJM Outback bars employ either a four or five-fold channel/wing design. Folds are deliberately spaced across the channel for maximum strength and stylish looks. The upswept tapered wing provides excellent approach angle for accessibility.
  • Recessed fog lights come standard along with recessed polycarbonate indicator & park lights. Newer models now feature L.E.D Fog lights.
  • TJMs bull bar uprights feature a single piece of steel which extends from the upright down through the bumper channel to the chassis mount maximising strength. 40mm Cato Straps soften the edges of and add to the aesthetics.
  • TJM bull bars provide secure, strong and stable mounting points to fit a large array of driving lights. The strength of the TJM product guards against excessive movement resulting in a vibrating beam pattern, bulb failure or light body fatigue.
  • TJMs channel designs allow maximum airflow to the vehicles radiator. This vent as well as the viewing hole on the top of the channel also allows easy access to the vehicles winch controls.
  • Vehicle mounted aerials are often essential when travelling in remote locations. TJM bull bars feature two heavy duty aerial tabs located behind the bars top cross tube.
  • TJMs mounting system is specifically engineered for each vehicle. The design spreads impact and winching loads evenly across the vehicles chassis. The design ensures the bull bar is strong enough for extreme conditions and functions properly in impact events.
  • The engineered winch frame mount accommodates a variety of winches and does not interfere with the vehicles air bag triggering system. The bar is designed and tested to endure the heavy stresses of winching.
  • TJM pioneered the universally supported, reinforced T-slot design which allows a hi-lift jack to be mounted directly onto the bull bar.
  • Many TJM bull bars come as standard with a integrated underbody guard, additional Front, Sump & Transmission guards are also available separately.

TJM Outback

The most popular design of our frontal protection range is undoubtedly the TJM Outback bar. Our engineers spend countless hours perfecting the design of these bars to ensure our customers are equipped with one of the finest products in the market.

In a recent issue of 4WD Action, our Outback bar for the Hilux was stringently tested among competitor products, with our bar taking the coveted title ‘Best Bull Bar'. Packed full of features and benefits, if you're after a stylish bar with optimum performance – you can't go past the TJM Outback.


T15 Deluxe

The TJM T15 Steel Deluxe bull bar is one of our premium products available in our frontal protection range. The ‘T15' shape is signified by a strong centre loop, accompanied by two refined side loops protecting the headlights.

The steel deluxe variant equips the bar with integrated fog and indicator lights, winch compatibility and allows for significant improvements in approach angles. The thick steel tubing provides first-class protection whilst the comprehensive engineering features enable the bar to be air bag compatible and ADR compliant.



If you're after a tough bar that is strong, safe and durable – the TJM Tradesman bar is the answer. Built with the same unprecedented engineering technology as its deluxe variant, the steel fleet bar provides top notch protection, without the extra channel folds and built in fog lights which can be deemed unnecessary in the working environment.

Equipped with dual heavy duty aerial mounts, reinforced T-Slot recovery points, winch provision and air bag compatibility the Tradesman is clearly tough enough for any job.



One of the best looking bars on the market is without a doubt the TJM Explorer Bull Bar. Fitted with a strong steel channel and a single loop over the grille, these bars convey multiple benefits. Where the steel channel enables strong frontal protection, the single provides upper grille protection without adding excessive weight.

This style ads a smart finish to any 4WD as well as ensuring peace of mind for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants in the event of an animal strike.



The TJM Frontier winch bar shares the same durable steel channel design as the Explorer variant to offer strong frontal protection, plus all the features you come to expect from the deluxe range, like; winch frame, fog lights, jack points & LED indicators/park light combo.

The alloy loop is removed to create a minimalistic look and feel that would satisfy the most discerning 4x4 owner.