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TJM Signature Bull Bar suit Toyota Fortuner 15+

TJM Signature Bull Bar suit Toyota Fortuner 15+


TJM’s Signature bar for the new Toyota Fortuner incorporates a new high-flow grille system to ensure the latest generation Toyota powertrain receives as much air flow as possible while still maintaining ultimate strength in the event of an animal strike.

The unique design is signified by a strong centre loop, accompanied by two refined side loops protecting the headlights. This bar is light weight, strong and looks the part too. Adding guaranteed class to your four wheel drive, the TJM Signature bar is sure to make others yellow with envy.

TJM engineers spent countless hours perfecting the Signature design to ensure you’re equipped with one of the finest bull bars available in the market. TJM bull bars are put through a comprehensive design criteria and testing process to ensure that all TJM bars are airbag compatible and ADR compliant.


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